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The Boot Camp our first course is FREE!

  • 3 Courses 

    A Boot Camp, Officer Candidate School and a Spiritual War College.  The first is free.

  • Boot Camp 

    Essential truths and disciplines every believer should have with a strong emphasis on developing your personal relationship with Jesus. 

  • Officer Candidates

    An introduction to ministerial training. A servant leadership course with an emphasis on taking your first steps to serve and lead. It also includes subjects such as church government, the five-fold ministry,  spiritual weapons & tactics and more.

  • Spiritual War College 

    This is course equips you to think, plan and pray like an admiral, a general or an apostle.

It's a self paced course!   

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  • Are You Anchored?

    Do you have a solid foundation in God's word?  Do you have the disciplines established in your life to study God's word with Holy Spirit who leads us into all truth?  Learn three foundational principles for interpreting God's word. 

  • Is Your Prayer Life Growing?

    Learn how Jesus taught us to pray personally and how to teach others.  Discover how to take your place on the wall of prayer in the army of the Lord.

  • Faith, Life, Money & Health

    Discover how to apply your faith in these areas so as to position you to fulfill your destiny in Christ.

  • And Much More...

    You'll learn how to get free from torment, have a solid Biblical foundation laid, learn about true worship, discover your personal gifts which also speaks to your calling.  Do you hear the recruiting call in the spirit to join the army of the Lord. 

Start with the Free Boot Camp!

Foundations every believer needs!

Jesus says "repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand."  The question is, what is in your hand?  I submit to you, your destiny is in your hand.  The stewardship of your destiny will determine your rewards in eternity. 

  • Start with "First Things," and then from there we'll introduce you to how Jesus taught us to pray, how to pray in the Holy Spirit as well as how to read and study your Bible with Holy Spirit.

  • Hebrews 6 Foundations, is a free E-book which costs $8 on our book table. You'll learn about the 6 crucial doctrines God says every believer needs such as repentance from dead works, faith, the doctrine of baptisms, laying on of hands, the resurrection from the dead & the eternal judgment. 

  • The rest of the lessons, deal with grounding you with wisdom, getting you set free so that you can pursue and discover your destiny in Christ.

Read what others think about Tim Taylor...

Tim, an apostle is your instructor. 

Tim is clear and direct as he purposes to seek God for continued strategy to mobilize the church for spiritual warfare, starting with prayer for and with governmental leadership over cities, counties, states and ultimately nations.  He identifies with the biblical principles of King David, fearlessly confronting Goliath-sized principalities and powers with simple faith and uninhibited trust in an incredibly powerful God.  Tim Taylor, is a personal friend, and I highly recommend him for his humility, intelligence, impeccable integrity and his unwavering dedication to obey the Lord at all costs.


Apostle Dan Hammer

Sonrise Christian Center 2005

The training Tim has developed are accessible and well conceived.  He draws from his military training in helpful ways.  Tim is rigorously utilitarian and has developed a prayer transformation strategy that is imminently practical. 


He spent time with St. Luke's Leadership Team helping us articulate a clear vision and ministry focus.  He's a gifted instructor and facilitator.  He guides and supports group interaction with pastoral savvy and humor.  St. Luke's team was delighted with Tim's work.  He was a gift to us. 




Rev. Dr. John Roaddam

St. Lukes Episcopal Church 2005

I consider Tim to be a man well versed and living the word of God. He lives and practices what he believes. He brings a timely message along with his ability to rally an army of people to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to the church and market place. He is a true prayer warrior and leader today. Tim is a kingdom builder whom I believe God has raised up for this time. I am confident your church will gain or strengthen two main principles. 1. How to pray strategically and corporately. 2. Teamwork, in your immediate church or greater kingdom work. I often turn to Tim's experience and advice for my church and leadership. 

Gail Holman, Sr. Pastor

Seattle Revival Center 2005

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