"Officer Candidate School" 

Preparing Tomorrow's Leaders Today

  • Equipping the Called

    Developing servant leaders with the character of Christ to demonstrate supernatural power.

  • 2020 Vision 

    Build upon what we began through our Boot Camp. Discover your gift mix as well as how to lead small group prayer, bible studies and more.  

  • Impacting the 7 Spheres

    An introduction to ministerial training. A servant leadership course with an emphasis on taking your first steps to serve and lead. It also includes subjects such as church government, the five-fold ministry,  spiritual weapons & tactics and more.

  • Developing Leaders

    The army of the Lord needs leaders who lead, disciples who disciple and trainers who equip and train others.  Our goal is to prepare you to fulfill your destiny in Christ.  See a list of courses below and remember, these are just the start.  We'll add content regularly.   


Sharpen your vision for 2020 & get equipped to be a minister of the gospel.

Many are called but few prepare for the choosing!

If not now then when? 


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  • Equipping Leaders to Transform the 7 Spheres of Society through the Church!

    Our most fervent desire is to make you a disciple of Jesus Christ. This means we want to help you become a leader and a minister like Him.  So I don't care what sphere you are called to (church, business, government, media, education, healthcare or the family) we here to help lay a foundation for you to fulfill your destiny in Christ.

  • You Will Learn

    How to pray, lead people to Jesus, prophesy, preach, teach, disciple, lead small groups, cast out demons, heal the sick, build up your spiritual muscles and develop your spiritual weapons.

  • Exercise Wisdom

    You will be introduced to the spirit of wisdom and revelation and be challenged to put your faith in to action with wisdom based upon God's love.  You'll discover that faith does not work apart from wisdom and understanding but rather with it. 

Includes over $500 Worth of Content from our Book Table

Officer Candidate School

Our motto is "we equipped the called and we send the equipped!"  Jesus set the bar for leadership, ministry and for discipleship.  We are all called to be like Him so our goal is to equip you as a leader and a minister who can make disciples unto Jesus as well.

  • We are entering the year 2020, and believe that speaks to a vision Christ has for a mature Church.  A mature Church knows Jesus not only as Savior but also as the Lord of Hosts (Armies).  

  • This training includes over $500 of material previously only available through our store/book table, and we've added a lot more content.  

  • Courses will continue to be added through the year. All courses up through "Current Issues and the Bible" are complete.  All courses after Personal Readiness and Fitness are still in development.

Current Courses

Courses & Lessons - Content Continually Added

  • Welcome 

    1. Introduction to Ministerial Training
    2. Called to Minister - Endure Hardship
    3. Ministers in the Market Place.
    4. Certificate of Completion Requirements 


  • Biblical Principles of Strategic Warfare

    In three lessons this course takes a look at principles authored by Yaweh Sabboath, the Lord of Hosts.  Discover the Biblical basis for the 8 major principles of war, why war colleges have taught these principles for over 2500 years and how a minister can apply these principles in the Church today starting with prayer. 

  • Personal Readiness & Fitness

    As of June 9, 2020, half of the lessons in this course is completed. It's lessons include:

    1. Personal Readiness & Fitness 
    2. Character is Key
    3. Spiritual Weapons Training
    4. Fasting
    5. Stewardship of Your Health
    6. Bible Study & Preparing to Teach
    7. Heal the Sick
    8. Financial Stewardship
    9. How to Confront and Restore one in Sin
    10. Casting Out Demons and more
  • Warriors Ethos & Esprit de Corps 

    1. What is an ethos?
    2. The Spirit of a Culture!
    3. The Character & Disposition of a Community 
    4. The moral element that determines a characters action
  • Transforming the Seven Spheres of Society

    In this course you will discover through the revelation of the Mountain of the Lord's House of Prayer the critical role that God's abiding presence plays in transformation.  You'll also get specific insight into how the Church in each city can serve business, government, media, education, healthcare and the family.


  • Courses in Development 

    1. Money, Stewardship, Debt & Wisdom in the Church
    2. Storehouse Tithes & Offerings 
    3. Tithes & Offerings in the Court of Heaven
    4. Money, Ministry & Integrity
    5. Attitudes - Giver & Reciever
    6. Wisdom for Handling Church Finances
    7. Debt, Credit Cards & Loans 







  • 5 Ministry Gifts to Equip the Church

    1. Apostolic Reformation
    2. Apostle & Prophet
    3. Teacher, Pastor & Evangelist
    4. Romans 12 & 1 Corinthians 12 
    5. 12 Types of Prophets
    6. Women in Ministry
  • Current Issues & the Bible

    1. How to Start a House Church or a Home Meeting
    2. Turn the Other Cheek and Self Defense
    3. Internet Security & the Minister
    4. How to Prepare for an Active Shooter
    5. Politics & the Christian 





  • More Courses in Development 

    1. Church Government 
    • The Ecclesia 
    • Bishops & Overseers
    • Council of Elders
    • Deacons & Ministers
    • Forming Apostolic Councils
    1. How to Start a Ministry
    2. Spiritual Warfare
    3. Worship 
    • Worship & Prasie with Flags & Banners
    • Dance
    • How We Worship
    1. ARC Training
    • How to Establish an Apostolic Resource Center 

Read what others think about Tim Taylor...

Tim, an apostle is your instructor. 

Tim is clear and direct as he purposes to seek God for continued strategy to mobilize the church for spiritual warfare, starting with prayer for and with governmental leadership over cities, counties, states and ultimately nations.  He identifies with the biblical principles of King David, fearlessly confronting Goliath-sized principalities and powers with simple faith and uninhibited trust in an incredibly powerful God.  Tim Taylor, is a personal friend, and I highly recommend him for his humility, intelligence, impeccable integrity and his unwavering dedication to obey the Lord at all costs.


Apostle Dan Hammer

Sonrise Christian Center 2005

The training Tim has developed are accessible and well conceived.  He draws from his military training in helpful ways.  Tim is rigorously utilitarian and has developed a prayer transformation strategy that is imminently practical. 


He spent time with St. Luke's Leadership Team helping us articulate a clear vision and ministry focus.  He's a gifted instructor and facilitator.  He guides and supports group interaction with pastoral savvy and humor.  St. Luke's team was delighted with Tim's work.  He was a gift to us. 




Rev. Dr. John Roaddam

St. Lukes Episcopal Church 2005

I consider Tim to be a man well versed and living the word of God. He lives and practices what he believes. He brings a timely message along with his ability to rally an army of people to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to the church and market place. He is a true prayer warrior and leader today. Tim is a kingdom builder whom I believe God has raised up for this time. I am confident your church will gain or strengthen two main principles. 1. How to pray strategically and corporately. 2. Teamwork, in your immediate church or greater kingdom work. I often turn to Tim's experience and advice for my church and leadership. 

Gail Holman, Sr. Pastor

Seattle Revival Center 2005

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