How to Unite the Church to Pray with Results & Transform the 7 Spheres of Society

In the 1Church1Day "How to Pray & Transform" course you will discover how a modern application of King David's blue print, developed on MT Zion, is empowering leaders in churches, cities, counties and states  around the world unite the Church to pray 24/7 and empowering leaders to transform the 7 spheres of society. 

Why This Course is Good for you?

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    Learn the two essential keys to transforming any city, region, state or nation!

    It requires two things.  God's abiding presence and the elders assembled in the 7 spheres/mountains of society within their assigned jurisdiction.  You'll discover in this course not only the Biblical basis for this but how we've empowered leaders in over 38 nations through the last 20+ years to do it.  It is cross cultural and cross denominational. It's been  proven to help connect kingdom minded churches and ministries from Charismatic to Catholic and from Presbyterian to Pentecostal in cities and regions around the world.  You'll be equipped to establish 24/7 prayer quickly while also learning how to facilitate the forming of apostolic or strategic councils of leaders in all 7 spheres.

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    This strategy is a catalyst.  

    A catalyst is a small substance when added to two or more other substances serves as agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action at an unusually faster rate. We've had ministries working in a community for a long time introduce this strategy to their network and then watched supernatural measurable results to their prayer and actions exponentially increase such that unbelieving leaders in the 7 spheres of society (mayors, city managers, police chiefs...)  take notice of the measurable results of strategic targeted consistent prayer. 

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    This is a train the trainer course.  My goal is to equip you to train & equip others.

    I've found this unusual group of people that God has strategically placed in cities around the world.  They might be called a pastor of prayer, prayer leader, an apostolic network leader, a connecter, a networker or.... but they are all driven by a passion to connect the Church and mobilize prayer in their assigned territory from a local church/ministry to a city, region, state or even nation.  That's who I'm called to equip and serve.  My goal is to equip you to build the network Christ has assigned you.  Together we'll collaborate and help mobilize the army of the Lord. 

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    Don't reinvent the wheel!  Customize it to serve your assignment. 

    Are you trying to build the wall of prayer in your church or are you called to mobilize 24/7 prayer in a network, city or region?  This strategy is a modern application of King David's ancient blue print which he modeled first in the Tabernacle of David.  He used it to establish 24/7/365 prayer, praise and worship in his city and nation.  Why?  Because that's the atmosphere of heaven and makes God's presence welcome. His presence changes everything.  The whole strategy God has given is based upon His principles and His wisdom and is easily adapted to serve any church, ministry, network or community in any nation.  Leaders in over 38 nations have reported using it. 

Here's What You'll Get!

Nine lessons containing 25 years of experience mobilizing strategic prayer in churches, cities, counties, states and nations and forming apostolic/strategic councils in the 7 mountains.  In addition to the biblical foundation for each step you'll also receive practical wisdom learning from my mistakes.  I'm going to give you access to all the forms, tools, and Kick Off agendas I've ever used and share with you a powerful revelation in a bonus lesson.


Introduces the key to transforming any community through the mountain of the Lord's house of prayer over all 7 mountains of society.


Provides an overview of the 3 stages and 9 steps in this powerful and reproducible community prayer transformation system.





This advanced leadership training looks at 8 major principles of war this system empowers leaders to employ through prayer & action. 


Discover & develop your own customized training and rollout plan for your church, network, city, county, region or state.


How to begin to build the 24/7 prayer through teams that pray in your church, network, ministry, city, county or state.


How to gather leaders to form teams of councils in the 7 spheres and the five fold ministry.  Proven & practical.     


Discover how a kingdom league acts like the glue which empowers diverse teams and networks to connect and collaborate together. 



The key to increasing the power of prayer through strategic agreement facilitated through our powerful strategic communication system. 



Discover how you can be involved in hastening the Day of the Lord.  Be commissioned to restore David's tabernacle and build our Father's house of prayer for all nations. 

LESSON 10 Bonus

Discover the revelation of God's "rod of iron"  and what the Hebrew word for rod really means.  Every leader who employs this strategy can dramatically increase the power of the prayer of the people God has given them.  It is a truth King David employed on MT Zion in the Tabernacle of David.


Excerpt: The rod of iron is God's people who get in rank and in file.  The are immovable because they've had their metal tested in the furnace of affliction. They are proven. 

Tools You Get!

For the last 20+ years I've helped numerous churches, networks, cities and counties mobilize and implement this system with almost no technology.  I will give you access to all my 19 tools, plans, forms, Kick Off agendas, PDF's etc.  An  MP3 series from the 1st Kingdom Congress that launched 1Church1Day and access to 10 more videos to help equip you to impart vision and some  jpgs to help you develop promotional materials for your workshops, conferences or Kick Off events. 

About Your Trainer

Tim Taylor is the founder of KLI and the strategic architect of 1Church1Day (previously called Operation Rolling Thunder). Tim is sought out as a speaker, trainer, and consultant to ministries and businesses. Tim has authored several books. Build the Wall, Kingdom League Structures & Strategies, Operation Rolling Thunder, Developing Apostolic Strategy & Hebrews 6 Foundations are the most recent. Having worked successfully with many teams, Tim effectively imparts proven leadership strategies. He will inspire and equip you to achieve transformation in your city!

Tim Taylor

Commander USN-ret & an apostle


Jason Hubbard

Light of the World Prayer Center in Bellingham WA


Least churched county in the US in 2006 sees congregations multiply from 105 to 180 in six years after employing this strategy. 70% growth rate!  ​ In 2007 one church reported adding 1000 people in just seven months.  

ORT is 1Church1Day

From multiple sources which are listed in my book. 

Crime Impacted

FBI reports crime in every major city in Washington declined in 2007. Yakima saw a 50% decrease and police chief cannot explain it. Seattle reached a 40 year low.  The strategic prayer mobilized through this strategy.  2008

Ron Frantz

Foursquare Church in Port Townsend WA

Epidemic Stopped

County Commissioner reports they're suffering the worst whooping cough epidemic in the state. Requests prayer! Port Townsend Leader reports cases decline dramatically from over 1000 to zero April-May 2011.

Kathy H.


Test Scores Set a Record 

A teacher along with a principal and vice-principal invited prayer in a school for at risk youth. The metrics they chose were requests student test scores. A dramatic improvement was recorded in 6 months as test scores reached a 23 year high.

Kathy & Donna

Kathy Conn - Alaska  

Donna Lippoldt -Kansas 

Supernatural Fruitfulness

Two different states with similar results.  The only thing that was the same was the strategy. Besides numerous supernatural events such as a 7 year drought broken on the first day of ORT, they both observed their land become very fruitful.  Alaska saw some fishing grounds open up for the 1st time in 15 years while Kansas reported a record harvest so large they asked TX & OK for help storing their extra grain. 

#1 Abortion Clinic 

Shut down on last day

260 Kansas Churches 

260 churches were mobilized in 13 cities across Kansas in 2009 with prayer & fasting.  Leaders identified the major issues of which abortion was at the top of the list.  On the last day of Phase I of the strategy the #1 abortion clinic in the nation was shut down.

Tim Taylor

Kingdom League International

85+ Signs & Wonders

Solar storms, thunderstorms, thunder-snow, volcanic activity, lightning strikes, earthquakes, record rainfall, floods, droughts broken, rainbows, snow and ice have followed me and or those who've carried the same message and mark God's word. I found God does this to encourage His people until they begin to see measurable, sustainable results that speak to transformation.  See Steve Buss's testimony. 

Steve Buss

Director One Hope in Lane County OR.

Unemployment Rate

Began in 2015. Today they have 44+ churches and 10 councils formed.  The testimonies roll each month.  Mayor asked for prayer about economy.  They prayed for 500 jobs and saw unemployment rate drop from 5.9% to 4.3% a 27 year low.

Steve Buss

Director One Hope in Lane County OR.

Supernatural Kick Off

Steve laid the ground work for months and then launched the strategy with 30+ churches and 500 in attendance after having read my book ORT.  It's based upon a revelation out of Psalm 18:6-14 where it describes how the earth quaked and lighting struck at the sound of God's voice.  225 lightning strikes & 5 earthquakes marked their Kick Off.  Charisma Magazine even reported on this event. 

Is this Course Right for You?

This course is not for everyone.  It is designed for a very unique group of people.  It's those captured by a vision to connect the Church like it is prophesied in Ezekiel 37:1-11. They are like the wind that begins to gather and connect the bones joint to joint until it is raised up an exceeding great and mighty army.  It's those captured by a vision to build our Father's house of prayer for all nations or restore David's Tabernacle which Acts 15:16-17 reveals is the key to the end-time harvest.  It is for any strategic leader passionate about becoming part of the answer to Jesus' prayer in John 17:21 where He prayed His Church would be one with our heavenly Father.


  • Courageous apostolic & prophetic church or network leaders, pastors of prayer and prayer leaders seeking to build a wall of prayer. 

  • Strategic leaders from the 7 spheres/mountains of society who desire to see their communities transformed through God's abiding presence.

  • Strategic intercessors leading city-wide, county-wide, state-wide or national prayer.  


  • Interconnect the Church & mobilize the body of Christ as the army of the Lord! 

  • Build our Father's house of prayer for all nations by establishing an atmosphere of continual prayer, praise and worship over a church/ministry, network, city, region, state or nation so as to invite God's abiding presence. 

  • Connect massive concentrated prayer with leaders in the 7 spheres/mountains of society.


Kingdom League International 

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